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    The Internet's best place to find out about crazy things going on in government and society. Want to find out the truth behind the media? What news isn't being reported? The inside scoop on politics, health, science and everything in between? Visit BSAlert! A free forum where you can read on late-breaking news ignored or misreported by mainstream media, and participate in thought provoking dialogue on issues and current events.

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    THE Mardi Gras site on the world wide web, complete with history, pictures and even a LIVE 24-hour high-resolution Bourbon Street Camera! Check it out! Take a trip to New Orleans for the Mardi Gras, learn about the history , the throws, and even the debauchery on Bourbon Street - complete with pictures and current parade schedules & information.

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    Browse through an extensive alphabetical directory of artist and albums.

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    Louisiana's Home Page - an unabashed forum for news, conversation, web links and more on everything having to do with New Orleans and Louisiana.

    Survey-Net; online polls & demographics where results are instantly available; the results of these surveys are freely republishable; current polls cover everything from politics, sex, internet demographics, shopping, shareware to religion. includes news and information as well as a very advanced online database which allows you to keep track of your collection and even print customized checklists! -->